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OSHO Library

Sandesh has kindly offered to provide all of her books as an OSHO library. Books can be borrowed free of charge (although there is a deposit) for up to 4 weeks at a time. The books they have are listed below. If you'd like to borrow some you can contact Sandesh at 09 846 3634 or sandesh.heinicke@gmail.com.

The Rajneesh cookbook
Books I've loved
Notes of a madman
Gold Nuggets
More Gold Nuggets
Glimpses of ta golden childhood

The Dhammapada (Subhan)
The book of the books
The heart sutra
The discipline of transcendence II III IV
Ancient music in the pines
A sudden clash of thunder
Nirvana the last nightmare
The Sound of one hand clapping
The Book of Nothing
Returning to the source
Roots and Wings
Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt
And the flowers showered
Osho on Zen Masters:
Rinzai/Doshu /Yogen/Hyakuyo/Izan (Subhan)
When the shoe fits
This very body the Buddha
The sun rises in the evening
The Secret
Sufis, people of the path I and II
Just like that
Until you die

The Divine Melody Kabir
The Beloved Bauls
Words like fire
Come follow me I II IV
I say onto you I II
The book of the secrets II III IV
The supreme Understanding
From sex to super consciousness
Tantra, Spirituality and Sex

The last testament I
The Rajneesh Bible I
The great pilgrimage from here to here
Yahoo the Mystic Rose

The hidden splendor
The Invitation
Light on the path
The razor's edge
The golden future
The path of the mystic

Sermon in stones
The ultimate Alchemy I II
The Rajneesh Upanishad
Philosophia Ultima
The Psychology of the esoteric
Meditation the Art of Ecstasy
The Orange Book
Yoga the alpha and the omega II V VII VIII X
The path of Yoga

Zarathustra I II
The Messiah I II

Jesus cruzified again
Bhagwan: the most godless yet the most godly men
Bhagwan: 12 days that shook the world
Bhagwan: one man against the whole ugly past of humanity
Bhagwan: the Buddha for the future
A cup of tea (letters)
Don't bite my finger, look where I'm pointing to
Walk without feet
The cypress in the courtyard
Believing in the impossible before breakfast
The tongue tip taste of tao
Don't just do something, sit there
Dance your way to god
This is it
God is not for sale
A rose is a rose is a rose
The shadow of the whip
Beloved of my heart
The great nothing
Just around the corner
Blessed are the ignorant
What is is, what ain't ain't
Get out of your own way
For madmen only
Nothing to lose but your head
The Buddha disease
Let go
The 99 names of nothingness
Above all don't wobble

After middle age: A limitless sky
The new child
Press & Politicians
The greatest challenge
The rebel
I teach religiousness
The most dangerous man since jesus Christ
A new vision of women's liberation
Beyond the frontiers of the mind
The new man

If you'd like to buy OSHO books, videos and CDs you can visit shop.osho.com.